How Much Sports Betting Research Is Enough

Bettors need to know how much sports betting research is enough.

Key Points

– Sports betting research is a key to winning more bets.

– How much sports betting research is needed is a question for the individual bettor.

How Much Sports Betting Research Is Enough

Sports bettors are always looking for an edge. Often, the difference between a winning season and a losing season for the average sports bettor is very slim.

With that in mind, how does the sports bettor know when it’s time to stop the research? Research is a key to winning sports bets, but how much is too much?

Here’s a look at how to know how much sports betting research is enough.

Managing Your Research Time

The issue isn’t always whether you need to conduct additional research or not. Sometimes, it’s which items in your research should be a priority over others. That, of course, would depend upon the items that help you win the most bets. 

For example, MLB bettors will get more out of keeping tabs on advanced statistics and information about starting pitchers than left fielders. Pitching has a greater impact on the final outcome of a game compared to the efforts of the left fielder. Pitching stats can help a bettor dial into MLB streaks and win more bets.

In an ideal world, you would be aware of both, but when you only have limited time to focus on a few topics, you must choose the ones that make you the most money. 

One of the key phases in becoming a profitable sports bettor is determining what is profitable and what is not. Sometimes, bettors have to choose between two profitable options. Again, the one that helps make the most money is the wise choice.

You are only allotted a certain number of hours per week to conduct research for your sports betting endeavors. Even if you put in 40 hours a week on sports betting research, you still can’t take everything into account.

There is a fine line between obsession and not going far enough with your research. If you are one of those bettors that puts in a ridiculous amount of hours doing research yet still loses, it’s time to rethink your sports betting strategy.

Each bettor is different. What works for one may not work for another. The key is to find your balance.


Saving Time in Sports Betting Research

You might not be able to afford to outsource any statistical work if you are a recreational bettor or wager on a relatively modest scale. However, if you’re a big-time bettor and maybe even do it full-time, you might want to think about hiring a person or group of individuals to gather advanced statistics for you.

Economically and from a time-saving perspective, this may make sense. Here’s an illustration of how hiring someone to create your statistics and statistical models can help you increase your income.

If you bet $10,000,000 annually and hire a full-time statistician to boost your winning percentage by 1%, you will earn an additional $100,000 for the year. You are still in the black even if you pay them $50,000.

If you extended your workweek by 40 hours, think about how much you could track. Your overall earnings may be significantly increased even if you only employed someone for 20 hours per week to assist you with the data. The fact that you retain all control is the best news. You instruct them precisely what information to track and how to provide it to you.

The average bettor, of course, doesn’t wager $10 million a year, but the point is that if the numbers work, it makes sense to outsource the collection of data.

Computerizing everything is another option. The majority of statistics are accessible online, so you might be able to put up a system that gathers all the data you require automatically. You might also think of hiring someone to manage this operation.

How Much Sports Betting Research Is Enough

Computer-Generated Statistics

Bettors should be careful with computer-generated statistics. You can’t completely rely on them. They can help bettors make decisions, but relying on a computer model all the time is not advised. 

Take horse racing as an example. Horse racing attracts some of the biggest bettors in the entire world. There are locations where people can wager millions of dollars on horses. Since they are betting against other players and not the house, horse bettors simply need to outperform other horse bettors. 

Computer-generated statistics and models are great for horse bettors, but they still use their eyes to consider factors that a computer cannot. Every year, some of the biggest bettors in the world are betting horses and not relying completely on computer models. If it works for them, it could work for you too.

How Much Is Enough

The answer to the question posed by this article’s headline is this. Until you are constantly winning at a rate you are satisfied with, you haven’t done enough research. Most of us never experience that stage in our betting careers.

Remember, bettors are always looking for an edge. Research can give that edge, but bettors need to be smart about it. There has to be a balance between your outside life and the sports betting research that helps you win more football bets.

Once you find that you can beat the sportsbook and create strategies that do it consistently, you are probably doing the right amount of research. How much sports betting research is something that will differ for every sports bettor.