Win More Football Bets This Season

Win more football bets this season with Game Advisers.

Key Points

– Knowledge is power in winning more football bets this season.

– A few easy strategies can be used to win more football bets.

Football Season is Upon Us

NFL and college football teams don’t just ‘wing it’ as they prepare for a new season. Bettors shouldn’t either. There are a number of things that bettors can do to win more football bets this season. 

If you want to win this season, you can’t just hope that you will be a winner. You have to get serious about preparing and what betting strategy or strategies you are going to use heading into a new season. 

Whether it is college football or the NFL, the big key is information. It’s not the information itself either. Winning bettors know what information is important and how to use it. Click for a comprehensive football betting guide.

That is just part of the battle too. Winning bettors also understand how to read odds and find value as well as staying within their budget constraints.

How to Win More Football Bets

Winning more NFL bets isn’t just about picking a team to win. The most common NFL bet is on the point spread. One thing worth noting is that road underdog teams in the NFL have been very successful over the last several years. They have been particularly successful in games against their division opponents.

Playing a team twice each season breeds some familiarity. That familiarity usually benefits an underdog. Since home teams are somewhat overvalued, road underdogs over the past few seasons have covered the spread at a 52 percent clip. That is significant and worth knowing if you want to be a successful NFL bettor.

There are a myriad of other factors to take into account when betting on the NFL. There are roster changes, injuries, and player performance. A player may be in a slump or having the stretch of his life. There are also strategic concerns like what happens when a team gets ahead by three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Some coaches will get the starters out of the game. 


Understand Key Numbers

Another element of successful NFL betting is the key numbers. There are certain final scores that occur in NFL games more than any other. For example, more games end with a combined point total of 41 than any other number.

Always be aware of key numbers

Armed with this information, a bettor can make a stronger decision on which bets to place.In this case, bettors may be wagering on game totals and knowing the frequency of different totals helps.

Almost seven percent of all NFL games end with a total of either 41 or 44. Bettors need to be aware of this as they place a bet on a game total. It’s also true for any bet related to scoring outcomes in an NFL game.

Win More Football Bets

There are also key numbers related to scoring margins. For example, the most common scoring margins in the NFL are 3, 4, 6, 7, and 10. Because scoring is rigid in the NFL – six points for a touchdown, three for a field goal, etc. – these scoring margins occur a lot.

The PAT rule change in the NFL had an impact on game totals. The extra point used to be automatic in the NFL as kickers converted over 99 percent of the time. When the league moved it back to the 15-yard line, that number dropped to about 93 percent of the time. 

For NFL bettors, that means there is now more value on a favorite at -6.5 or an underdog at +7.5.Games ending with a scoring margin of seven points are much more likely than those ending in six or eight.

Line Shopping

It goes without saying. If you want to not only win more football bets but also win more money, you should be shopping for the best lines and odds. It’s like shopping for anything else. If the gas station across the street is five cents cheaper, why wouldn’t you go across the street?

Line shopping gives football bettors more options. Even with small differences in lines, repeatedly finding a half-point here or reduced juice there will mean more money in your bankroll over time. Whether you make a moneyline, point spread, or totals bet; finding the best price is one strategy that every football bettor should use.

Winning most of your football bets is hard enough. Don’t lose more just because you didn’t take the time to see if you could find a better line. There are several ways to check for the best line on an NFL or college football game. Use them.

Bettors can also take advantage of sportsbook promotions. It’s an easy way to stretch your betting budget and end up winning more bets.

Betting Trends to Watch – Win More Football Bets

Trends in any sport can be difficult to predict. There are some wagering trends that can help college football and NFL bettors throughout the course of a season. Take the 2021 Detroit Lions as an example.

The Lions were not very good and would end up with a 3-13-1 SU record. However, despite losing their first eight straight games, the Lions learned to play hard. They became somewhat competitive under first-year head coach Dan Campbell. 

While they didn’t win many games, Detroit kept a lot of them close. By season’s end, Detroit had one of the best records against the spread in the NFL. The Lions went 11-6 ATS and Detroit backers were happy.

It was the same at the college level where Michigan (11-3 ATS) and Oklahoma State (10-3-1 ATS) were atop the ATS rankings. Both teams had successful seasons. They also had very good defenses which allowed them to cover so many games.

Team Scoring

Another trend worth watching is team scoring. Over the past several years with Patrick Mahomes at quarterback, the Kansas City Chiefs have been among the highest-scoring teams in the NFL.

Last season, the Chiefs were a top-5 scoring team. They also finished with the second-highest Over percentage (60%) in the NFL.

In contrast, the New York Jets averaged 18.2 points per game but finished No. 3 in Over percentage. That was because the Jets defense was so bad. It pays to keep an eye on points allowed as well as points for.

Trends like these are ones that football bettors can search for as they look to win more football bets.