How Does the GameAdvisers AI Picks Service Work?

We’ve received a lot of questions from members and prospective members about exactly how the GameAdvisers AI picks service works.

So, we’re going to explain the system in detail.

This guide is strictly for our computer picks (Found HERE).

We understand our system can be confusing initially, as it’s unlike anything else on the market.

We have exclusive access to data feeds from several online sportsbooks with 10,000+ sports bettors.

This allows us to track the incoming bets from every bettor in the database in real-time.

The computer picks are generated based off of these huge sportsbook databases.

How Are the GameAdvisers Computer Picks (AI) Generated?

Here’s exactly how the system works:

Live Access to Huge Sportsbook Data Feeds

We have unfiltered access to every bet being placed by more than 10,000+ bettors at multiple online sportsbooks. We see exactly where the money is going for every betting market.

Tracking the Action

Our software tracks incoming bets, filtering by sport (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, CFB, CBB and Soccer) and bet type (Moneyline, Point Spread and Total). We track props and alternative markets as well.

Creating Individual Betting Profiles

This is where the magic starts to happen and our proprietary algorithms go to work.

Our software builds a betting profile for every individual bettor. When a bet comes in through the API each player has a unique ID, allowing us to rank every bettor individually.

What good is tracking the action of 10,000+ players if it can’t be filtered?

A lot of sports betting services have public consensus data, but that’s where we differentiate.

We track the players individually and then our algorithms can identify the professional bettors and recreational bettors. This is why we’re able to show our members exactly what the pros are betting.

Our algorithm knows when Player #122 crushes NBA moneyline underdogs or when Player #199 is dominating NFL point spreads. We know the return on investment (ROI) for every player in the database, plus we go even further by filtering the ROI by sport and bet type.

Confirming the Edge

We don’t just rely on our database of what the professionals are betting on.

After our algorithm has identified the best bets for the day based on what the pros are betting at online sportsbooks, we verify that edge by running the numbers/data.

Our algorithm analyzes the odds, betting trends, statistics, injuries and other vital handicapping information (weather, breaking news, etc.) to confirm that a pick is a value play (+EV).

Releasing the Winning Computer Pick

When a selection complies with all of the rules of our proprietary algorithm, the pick is released.

Our computer picks are released automatically in real-time once a selection meets the rules of our algorithm. We have no control on what the system will pick or how many plays there will be a day.

The computer picks that are released have proven to be long-term winners.

There are going to be losing streaks at times, like any other handicapping service, but we stand by our algorithm and that’s why we’re 100% transparent (View the Complete AI Picks Archive).

GameAdvisers Sports Prediction Software (AI) FAQ

Here are some of your most common questions answered:

Does the AI Picks System Release Daily Plays?

While most days will have multiple AI picks generated using our computer picks software, there are going to be some days when zero plays meet the rules of our algorithm.

We don’t force plays using our software, the plays are generated automatically using an algorithm.

What Do the “Units” Mean for AI Picks?

We have developed the optimal staking plan for the GameAdvisers AI Picks Service.

Every AI pick will have a unit amount listed. For example, a pick may say 1.5 units. This means you need to bet 1.5 units. If you normally bet $100 on a game (1 unit), bet $150 on this pick.

By following the advised staking plan, you’re going to generate the biggest ROI.

You can read our full GameAdvisers FAQ page at this LINK.

How GameAdvisers is Better Than the Competition

First off, let’s look at the different types of handicapping services:

Solo Handicappers: Sell single-game picks or full season packages, but the problem is that these handicappers open new brands monthly and have no track record / proven ROI.

Simulation Picks: A number of “sports picks” services simply run 10,000+ simulations on a game based on the statistics of the two teams, but these are proven to be unreliable.

Historical Data: Some services have software allowing handicappers to dig deep into the historical results to formulate betting trends, but they don’t perform the analysis.

Social Media Touts: How many Twitter tipsters are you following right now? How many of them have documented results and a proven track record of beating the bookie?

We’re different from all of these sports handicapping services.

We actually track and then perform deep analysis on exactly what the pros are betting at online sportsbooks. We perform all of the work and then release the winning plays.

As a member, all you need to do is place a bet when you receive a notification from us.

Our real-time push notifications will ensure you get the plays as soon as they’re released.

Haven’t signed up to the GameAdvisers AI Picks Service yet?

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