FAQ | GameAdvisers 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled a list of FAQ’s that will help you answer those questions that arise as you look at GameAdvisers 2.0!

What is GameAdvisers 2.0?

The new GameAdvisers 2.0 is a revolutionary way of giving sports betting picks AI Picks for sporting events across all major sports.

Many sites (including GameAdvisers 1.0) simply display information and picks from handicappers in an attempt to sell packages. Some of these handicappers are good, some are not. But it’s hard to tell. Other companies like us create “simulations” and sell these computerized picks at a monthly or per pick rate.

We have revolutionized the premium sports picks industry with our brand new GameAdvisers AI Picks System. Our service is truly unique in that it takes a number of valuable inputs, runs them through our extensive algorithm, and comes out with winning AI Picks System Plays for you.

What Makes GameAdvisers 2.0 Different?

We are privileged to have access to data, picks, and predictions that others simply don’t have. This allows our algorithms to be smarter and sharper than any other system on the planet. Let’s look at the inputs that make up our AI Picks System.

  • Sharp Player Data

    Our sponsor provides us with exclusive real betting picks from actual sharp players across the globe. These players make up the 1% of sharp money bets you hear about. We have access to this feed and use their picks to help generate our AI Picks.

  • Pro Handicappers Picks

    Our team gathers betting picks from other professional handicappers across the internet.

  • Internal Expert Picks

    Our internal team is made up of experts in each of the core sports we support. Our experts spend hours analyzing and capping games, then providing us with their picks & predictions on games.

  • Sports Data

    We have access to data from both Stats.com and Gracenote. This data includes player stats, team stats, betting trends, line movements and more.

Imagine taking all four of these inputs above and creating the VERY BEST betting AI Pick. Well, that is exactly what we have done with GameAdvisers 2.0! It’s truly revolutionary and amazing.

Who Should Use GameAdvisers 2.0?

GameAdvisers 2.0 is designed to help out a large variety of people within the sports and betting industry. We have created the new platform keeping in mind the needs of sports bettors, fantasy sports players, handicappers, sports writers, sports influencers & general sports fans.

How Does the Sports Bettor Benefit From Our Service?

We all know that successfully winning sports bets is an art that many fail at. To win more than you lose you must have the data and tools at your fingertips. Our AI Pick system was designed to help you spend less time analyzing data. You can simply take our AI Pick Plays and make the bets or you can use the data, picks & AI Picks shown for each game to help you with your own picks as a sports bettor.

How Does the Fantasy Sports Player Benefit From Our Service?

Both season long and daily fantasy sports is alive and well. If you play any type of fantasy sports, our service can help you when drafting, making transactions or creating your lineups. We show projections, stats, trends and more that would be beneficial to you as a fantasy sports player.

How Does the Handicapper Benefit From Our Service?

If you own a handicapping service or are a “casual” handicapper, GameAdvisers 2.0 is perfect for you. It’s affordable enough that you can consider it another “tool in the toolshed” to help you in capping each game successfully. Your clients want to know that you are doing everything imaginable to help deliver them winning picks. Why not let them know you are a premium GameAdvisers 2.0 user and create ultimate confidence with your clientele.

How Does the Sports Writer, Influencer & Fan Benefit From Our Service?

If you are a sports writer or influencer, our service can help you create some authority in this space. You can let your audience know that you are basing your articles & social media posts off of data from one of the sharpest tools on the market -- GameAdvisers 2.0!


We use Stripe.com for all payment processing.

You can feel safe in knowing that your personal information and payment details will be 100% secure and encrypted when you complete your transaction through Stripe.

All payments are completed directly through Stripe.com - we don't process anything.


Absolutely not, Stripe.com will verify that you have enough credit on your card by placing a hold on your card for the amount of the membership. However, your card won't actually be charged the membership fee until your 10-day free trial has concluded.

What Types of Plans Are Available?

We have both a Free and Premium plan available to all users. The Free plan will include a limited number of AI picks. It will also show limited amounts of data. Our Premium plan will obviously include all AI picks along with all data.

  • What Do I Get With the Free Plan?

    Below is a list of items you get with your Free Plan:

    • 10+ InHouse Cappers
    • Gracenote stats and picks
    • See rankings and all graded advises
    • 1 Free Game per day (all unlocked)
  • What Do I Get With the Premium Plan?

    Below is a list of items you get with your Premium Plan:

    • AI Picks System for all games
    • Notifications
    • Parlays and Props
    • Fantasy Data

    Paying Premium Plan yearly:

    • All Monthly Plan
    • Get 20% off on yearly payment
    • Premium Customer Service
    • Receive early system updates

How Much Does Premium Cost & How Do I Sign Up?

A premium subscription of GameAdvisers 2.0 costs only $30 per month (or $300 per year) for a limited time. We plan to add many more features in future releases which may drive the price per month up. But once you are locked into your price, it stays that price for the lifetime of your account. So lock in your price today before it’s too late. We feel this is more like a $149 per month value so at $29.99 it’s a true bargain.

How Do I Pay For My Premium Plan?

All payments will be made via Paypal or Skrill. We accept major forms of credit card through these processors such as VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. You will be set up on a monthly subscription and charged a recurring amount while your subscription is active.

Can I Upgrade From Free to Premium At Any Time?

Yes, you may upgrade from Free to Premium account at any time.

Are There Any Current Promotions?

You can currently get two months free by paying for a full year up front. It’s $30 per month or just $300 for the year (12 months). We are constantly adding and launching new promotions. To get the latest promotions please sign up for a Free account and we will notify you via email each time a Premium promotion is released.

How Many Official Advice System Plays Should I Expect?

Our AI Picks System is designed to be very selective and only release official plays when all of the criteria hits certain thresholds. Therefore, it’s impossible to know how many plays will be released. This number is based on season, sport and information available. On average you may see anywhere from 1-5 plays released on a given day but understand that number may change often.

How Do I Receive The Official AI Picks System Plays?

Right now, members will need to login to their GameAdvisers 2.0 account to see any new System Plays available. Our development team is working hard to release email & SMS notifications for a future release. But for now, you can access the picks 24x7 via your account.

What Time Should I Expect Official AI Pick System Plays to be Released?

Our system works around the clock to gather picks and information. We are constantly crunching numbers and analyzing data. Picks should be posted 30 minutes prior to the game time. We don’t post our picks early as we want all of the data, line movements and such before releasing our official advice.

What Sports Does GameAdvisers 2.0 Offer Advice For?

We have data, picks and Advice System Plays for the following sports: NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, MLB, NHL, SOCCER (FUTBOL) and more.

How Do I Downgrade from Premium to Free?

You should contact members@gameadvisers.com to inquire about downgrading your account from premium to free.

Where Is GameAdvisers Based?


When Was GameAdvisers Established?