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Betting on Hockey – Win More Bets

The NHL reigns supreme over other hockey leagues, but fans can wager on dozens of hockey leagues, including the OHL, AHL, WHL, NCAA, KHL, SM Liga, SHL, EHL and Extraliga.  There are international hockey events to bet on as well, including the IIHF World Junior Championship, IIHF World Championship, Olympics and Spengler Cup.

The NHL will keep most hockey fans busy. With over 1300 regular season NHL games, playoffs and the Stanley Cup Finals, hockey bettors can bet on the NHL almost daily between October and June.

Betting on which team will win a game (moneyline) remains the most popular way to bet on hockey. There are lots of other ways to bet on hockey, including the puck line, totals and game/team/player props. A lot of single game betting markets are available to bet live (in-play) also. Fans can also bet on season-long futures (Stanley Cup winner, award winners and more) and various NHL draft markets.

Read our in-depth hockey betting guide next to learn how to bet on all of the markets.

Hockey Betting FAQ

How to make money betting on hockey?

First off, realize it’ll take time, effort and experience to become consistently profitable. To make money betting on hockey, fans should utilize a bankroll management strategy, remain disciplined and only bet when you have a perceived edge, plus shop around to get the best odds for every wager.

What is the puck line in hockey betting?

*Example: Oilers -1.5 (+170) vs. Kings +1.5 (-200)
The puck line is a type of hockey wager similar to point spreads in other sports. The favored team needs to cover a -1.5 goal spread with puck line bets. In our example, the Oilers need to win by 2+ goals to win on the puck line, but the payout odds are +170 instead of -150 for winning the game. The Kings are +1.5 goal underdogs, which means they’ll cash if they win the game or lose by a single goal.

What is the 60 minute line when betting on hockey?

*Example: Hurricanes (+165) / Draw (+295) / Islanders (+130)
The 60 minute hockey betting market is also called “three-way” at some betting sites. With the 60 minute betting markets, your bet is graded based on the final score after 60 minutes (OT doesn’t count). You can get better payout odds by betting on a team to win in 60 minutes, but you have to contend with ties.

How do you read hockey betting lines?

*Example: Bruins (-140) vs. Panthers (+120)
We’ll analyze an NHL moneyline bet to teach you how to read hockey betting lines. In most cases, the team with negative (-) odds is the team expected to win (favorite), while the team with positive (+) odds is expected to lose (underdog). The easiest way to understand the odds is negative odds equal how much you need to bet to win $100, while positive odds equals how much you’ll win on a $100 bet. For example, you’ll win $100 for every $140 bet on Boston and $120 for every $100 bet on Florida.

What are some important factors to consider when betting on hockey?

Wagering on hockey games brings tons of excitement. Before you consider placing a bet, you might want to think about:
– Watch the injury report.
– Be aware of a team’s current form.
– Don’t sleep on underdogs.
– Starting goalies matter.
– Shop for the best betting lines.