Expert Guide on Betting NFL Quarters

We’re going to teach you about betting NFL quarters. This will allow you to increase your betting turnover and make more profits during the season.

Betting on the NFL has emerged as the king of the sports gambling world. Each and every week of the season bettors wager on moneyline betspoint spread bets, and over/under totals

Add in all the proposition bets, futures, and specials like parlays and teasers and the NFL betting board at your favorite sportsbook is full of options.

Bettors can also wager on each quarter of an NFL game, betting on the moneyline, the point spread and the total. Betting on NFL quarters has become more popular over the last few years and is a great way for NFL handicappers to pad the bankroll.

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How Betting NFL Quarters Works

Betting on one quarter of an NFL game is essentially the same as betting on an individual game. For example, you can bet on the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings matchup and you can also bet on each of the four quarters of the game.

Let’s use this example:

Green Bay -3 (-110) / Over 48 (-110) / Packers Moneyline (-180)

Minnesota +3(-110) / Under 48 (-110) / Vikings Moneyline (+200)

You can also bet on each of the quarters of the game. Breaking the game down into smaller segments allows bettors to get a better feel for predicting what may happen. In the same game, the first quarter line and odds may look like this.

Green Bay -1.5 (-110) / Over 10.5 (-110) / Packers MoneyLine (-120)

Minnesota +1.5(-110) / Under 10.5 (-110) / Vikings Moneyline (+105)

To win $100 on Green Bay to cover against the spread, you would place a $110 bet on the Packers and they would have to win the quarter by two or more points. You could also bet the total. To win a bet on the Over, the two teams would have to combine for at least 11 points. 

Only the results of the quarter are counted.

Strategy for Betting on NFL Quarters

You have to realize that betting point spreads in quarters will be a bit more difficult as the spreads are often low. Most often, the point spread for a quarter falls between. 1.5 and 4.5.

Now, you can look at teams that typically start games slow or fast. Let’s say Green Bay is a team that averages over 13 points in the first quarter. Understanding the key numbers in NFL scoring, taking the Packers -1.5 in the first quarter of this game would be a reasonable bet.

If Green Bay scores its first quarter average or even comes close, here are just some of the scoring possibilities – 13-0, 13-3, 13-7, 13-10, 10-7, and 7-0.

You could use the same strategy for a team that finishes strong, say, one that scores between 10 and 14 points in the fourth quarter.

Using quarter averages can also guide a bettor to success on Totals bets. Quarter Totals are usually between 7.5 and 14.5.Two teams that are strong defenses, for example, might not give up more than a touchdown in the first quarter leading a bettor to consider the Under.

Another strategy for quarters bettors is to use halftime to your advantage. Because halftime is longer than the few minutes between quarters, you have more time to come to a better-researched conclusion using advanced NFL statistics.

Some teams have coaching staffs that adjust better and seem to come out of the locker room at halftime reinvigorated. You typically see this in the best-coached teams in the league.

Betting on NFL games on a quarter-by-quarter basis can be extremely profitable. You have to do it right though. Develop a plan and strategy and stick to it for best results.