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Why Tracking NBA Starting Lineups Is Important for Handicappers

As an NBA handicapper, you need to constantly track NBA starting lineups on a daily basis or you risk betting on a team sitting their superstar.

Expert Guide on Betting NBA Quarters

Tired of losing full game NBA bets? Read our expert guide on betting NBA quarters to learn how to make money betting single quarters of basketball games.
Online Sportsbook Promotions Guide

Finding the Best Online Sportsbook Promotions

We explain how online sportsbook promotions work as well as teach you what terms and conditions you need to watch out for when joining a betting site.
NFL Week 12 Betting Lines

NFL Week 12 Betting Lines Report

Our NFL week 12 betting lines report is filled with opening odds, current point spreads and totals, plus more NFL handicapping data for this week's action.
Betting NFL Quarters Expert Guide

Expert Guide on Betting NFL Quarters

Increase your NFL profits by betting NFL quarters. There are four quarters to bet on in every game, giving you more opportunities to win money.
NFL Picks Week 10 and Betting Lines

NFL Picks Week 10 and Betting Line Movement

We analyze the opening and current betting lines (point spread and game totals). We also share some of our free expert NFL picks week 10.
NFL Player Props Betting Guide

Guide to Betting on NFL Player Props

Start making more money as an NFL handicapper by focusing on NFL player props. We teach you how to bet on player props bets for the NFL.
Buying Points in Sports Betting

Buying Points in Sports Betting (NFL and NBA)

Ever lose a point spread or totals bet by a half-point? Here's a guide explaining buying points in sports betting, including the key numbers for NFL/NBA.
How Does Soccer Betting Work

How Does Soccer Betting Work?

New to soccer betting? Learn how does soccer betting work in our in-depth guide featuring the different betting markets with examples.