Banking Made Easy at Global Offshore Sportsbooks

Banking made easy. The three words we need to hear.

We Need It! Banking Made Easy

US-based online sportsbook operators are available in more than half the states in the US. While that market continues to expand, the gap with global offshore sportsbooks operating an online betting platform remains rather wide.

There are some obvious advantages to betting sports through offshore sportsbooks such as availability.

However, the biggest edge against the US-based competition is overall flexibility.

US books are bound by the rules and regulations of each state they operate in. What may be allowed in one state is not allowed in one with neighboring borders.

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What Are Global Offshore Sportsbooks?

Global offshore sportsbooks are licensed and regulated by their country of origin. The best offshore books tend to base their operations in Costa Rica. They offer a very friendly environment for online sports betting.

While safe and fair gaming is guaranteed, Costa Rica-based sportsbooks do not face the same restrictions that hamstring the US-based books.

A perfect example of the differences in online banking options. US-based books offer the most basic means to fund an online betting account. In most cases, this is limited to debit bank cards and online bank transfers. Money transfer services are limited as well.

Banking Made Easy With Cryptocurrency

Global offshore sportsbooks expand this offering to include Visa and Mastercard credit cards as well as Discover and American Express. They do everything they can to have banking made easy.

There is also a wider selection of money transfer options including MoneyGram and Western Union.

The biggest difference between offshore sportsbooks and their US-based counterparts is the use of cryptocurrency to make deposits and request withdrawals. Cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to move funds. Use these options for moving both in and out of an offshore sportsbook account.

Find a banking option that works for you

The fact that crypto transactions can be made without using bank and personal information is the biggest plus. Sports bettors can simply create a crypto wallet at their favorite offshore betting site (or multiple sites) and manage their funds from there.

Most top-rated offshore sportsbooks go out of their way to make the use of cryptocurrencies as easy and as convenient as possible. Many of these sites post a comprehensive tutorial that walks you through the process to make crypto deposits and request withdrawals.

Get Promos Tied to Simple Transactions

As an added plus, some offshore books tie promotional offers to the use of bitcoin as a deposit option. Bonus offers may receive a boost if the initial deposit into a new account is made using bitcoin or some other form of crypto. 

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not available for use at US-based sportsbooks. Once again, this ties back into rules and regulations set on the state level. It may take years before the US-based sportsbook industry gets up to speed with the offshore sportsbook sites. 

Avid US sports bettors have grown accustomed to the various conveniences offered by offshore sportsbooks. Banking options would probably rank rather high on that list. Over the course of the year, low-cost and, most times, no-cost options to move money in and out of an online betting account at an offshore book can add up to be quite a bit of savings. This cost savings acts as a direct boost to your overall sports betting bankroll

When you add in ease of use, timely transfers and the other perks cryptos bring to the table. This is reason enough to only bet on sports through offshore books. Banking made easy enables you to get started wagering quickly.