Make Profit During the Play-offs │ The Zig-Zag Theory

There are many interesting betting theories and strategies, and one of the most interesting, without any doubt, is the zig-zag theory.

This betting system can be used in the NBA and the NHL when teams play best of 7 series. The zig-zag theory isn’t one of those theories where you can make a risk-free profit. Like Matched Betting Strategy, but nevertheless, this theory proved to be pretty profitable over the years.

In this article, we will try to explain this system and show how effective the zig-zag theory can be. This if you learn how to read the lines and trends properly. Without further ado, it is time to learn about one exciting betting system.

What is the Zig-Zag Theory?

If you prefer to bet on the NBA or NHL league, there is a good chance that you already heard about this betting strategy.

what is the  Zig Zag Theory

These two leagues are perfect for this betting strategy because both enjoy a similar playoff format (best-of-seven playoff series that use the 2-2-1-1-1 format).

The theory is named Zig-Zag because it predicts the momentum between home and away teams in the playoff series. And every single game is affected by the previous game played between two playoff teams.

So, the basic idea is that the team that won the previous game will most likely fail to cover the spread in the next game of the playoff series. But this isn’t some kind of witchcraft.

It is a proven fact that sportsbooks adjust the odds and the lines. In favor of the team that won the previous game.

Also, in some cases, teams need to travel long distances to the games, and we already talked about similar betting advantage in NFL betting.

Those long trips can affect visiting team performance. And knowing those tips and tricks can make you some serious profit in the long term.

In this article, we will try to cover all the angles of this interesting betting strategy. We will also show you different and essential factors that you should look at. This when you decide to play this system and place wagers on the NBA and NHL playoff games.

How does this betting strategy work?

As we already explained, the zig-zag betting strategy suggests that when a team loses the game, in the next game, it is expected from that team to cover the spread (not to win the game).

This betting theory can be applied only in the NBA and NHL because both of those leagues have the same playoff format (2-2-1-1-1), and other leagues have different formats (MLB 2-3-2 format, and NFL single-game format).

Advantages and disadvantages of zig zag theory

Also, the teams in the NBA and NHL travel much more. And that is one of the essential elements of the zig-zag betting strategy.

Although this betting strategy looks rather straightforward. The zig-zag strategy is much deeper than the simple home-court advantage and momentum edge.

Advantages of the Zig-Zag Theory

The most significant advantage of this betting strategy is the fact that it is extremely logical. In sports, when one team wins the game, the players and coaching staff are often overconfident in the next game, while losing team players and staff look for the adjustments to be better prepared in the next game.

Players also tend to be more motivated to show that the last result was just a bad day at the office and that they are the better team.  

Looking at stats, we can see that from 1991 to 2000, if you placed a wager on losing team in Game 2 of any NBA playoff game, no matter what situation was before the game, you would have a 56% success rate, which is an excellent result.

From 2001 to the last season, the percentages went down a little. (To 51.5% success rate), but nevertheless, it is still a decent win rate.   

In the NHL, the numbers are similar, despite the fact that the home-field advantage is huge in that league. That’s why it is a common belief that betting on the NHL is one of the most profitable betting disciplines at the moment.

Disadvantages of the Zig-Zag Theory

Despite the fact that some excellent numbers are supporting this betting strategy, there are several reasons why bettors should be cautious with this betting strategy.

First off all, it is always important to implement the proper money management when placing a wager. So your betting bank can last for a long time.

The essential thing you need to remember is that the Zig-Zag betting theory is just a theory. And gives you basic guidelines to the bettors regarding some interesting stats and trends. Before you start following losing team blindly, you should take into consideration other things.

You shouldn’t follow blindly zig-zag betting strategy if matchup between the two teams isn’t favourable. Always check the recent history of the two teams facing each other! And determine if these matchups are beneficial for your wager. Sometimes these stats can show you that zig-zag theory will just not work on those two teams.

Injuries and suspensions can be a determining factor to skip placing wager as well. This information is something you must look into before placing a wager. In basketball, and especially in hockey injury reports are a powerful tool for all sports bettors.


As you may see, the zig-zag betting strategy is one of the most straightforward strategies in the sports betting world. Nevertheless, don’t think that because it is so simple, it will not work.

The numbers show that if you learn how to spot the perfect opportunity, and place your wager properly. There is a good chance to make a solid long-term profit using this interesting betting strategy.

Also, don’t forget to use a solid money management plan, and always to play at reliable sportsbooks. As those are some of the most important things every bettor needs to follow if they want to be successful in sports betting.


What is the best sports betting strategy?

In the sports betting industry, there are several really interesting strategies, and there is no consensus between the bettors about the best betting strategy of all times. Every bettor has his own betting preferences, and that is the reason why bettors will never agree on which strategy is the best. Still, we think that Arbitrage and Matched betting strategies give to the bettor a fair chance to win risk-free money, and we consider those two strategies the best strategies at the moment in the sports betting industry.

How can I improve my betting skills?

There are several things that can help you sharpen your betting skills, and if you want to learn and educate yourself, there is no question that you will see the improvement in a short period. Here are some quick tips on how to be sharper bettor:

  • Avoid the big markets
  • Don’t follow the public all the time
  • Try to master a few leagues, and avoid betting on everything
  • Bet with a sound staking plan
How to avoid betting scams?

We know that sports betting is hard and frustrating sometimes. Scammers know that too, and they lure naïve players who want to make a big profit in a short time period. That’s why it is important to learn how to avoid standard betting scams and to protect yourself and your money. On our portal, you will be able to find several articles that explain how the most famous betting scam works, and how to avoid being scammed.