How a Fixed Match Scam Works

Fixed matches on sports betting. If you have some experience in sports betting, then you most certainly heard at least once that somebody, somewhere has fixed game information, and that he is willing to sell that information for money.

In the past, this information circled around betting forums. And nowadays, with the rise of social networks, fixed game schemes moved to Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram.

If you are a newcomer in the world of sports betting, you should be aware that those schemes are actually fake schemes. In which scammers try to get the money from bettors ready to pay for almost anything.

Sports betting scam

In this article, we will try to expose and break down a scam where punters get the “fixed match tip,” and the scammer request payment only when the bet is won.

That sounds pretty fair, doesn’t it? It does, but it is a well thought and organized scam into which many people got involved and lost their hard-earned money.

Fixed Matches – Urban Legend or Reality?

Without any doubt, fixed matches in sports do happen, and usually, these fixed games are played in lower leagues of soccer, or in other less popular sporting events where the manipulation with results is easy.

There are many stories, and sports scandals involving soccer players, referees, even entire baseball clubs, and most of those stories are mostly correct.

If you want to know more about the biggest betting scandals in the history of modern sport. Then you should read our article on that subject!

So basically, it is logical that somebody sometimes has some inside information. But it isn’t normal that a particular person has inside information about fixed games every single week. That’s why it is essential to read this article! And to try to remember not to be greedy and to take special attention to details.

How This Scam Works

Without any doubt, you all saw on your social network timelines that someone is offering the fixed matches information. Or a 100% risk-free fixed game. Usually, those posts come with pictures of large sums of money on the pile! And screens of the previous winning slips. In most cases these scammers ask for the payment after the game is finished, and after you win the money. And here is how this scam works:

Once when you make contact with the scammer, he will give you a nice and intriguing story about the betting syndicate, or affiliation with players and staff from various clubs. And tell you that you need to pay him a part of your winnings after the game ends. In most cases, scammers focus on the HT/FT market, in which market there are nine possible outcomes.

Every time, the scammer will send the nine different outcomes to the nine punters that are willing to pay for the “inside info”. And naturally, eight of them will have a losing slip, and only one will have a winner.

When the game ends, the scammer will block eight losers. And naturally demand from the punter with a winning wager to pay for the information.

But this isn’t the end of the scam. If you managed to hit a winner from the first pick, you would naturally think that you hit the jackpot with this guy who has perfect inside information.

At this moment, the scammer will take advantage of his position and ask for the payment UPFRONT for the next game. And once you pay him, he will repeat the process with new naive punters.

Fixed matches

How to Protect Yourself from Scammers

Honestly, many seasoned punters can smell this scam from a mile away. But novice punters should have few things in mind. This type of scams almost always has the following characteristics:

  • These scammers operate mostly on social networks
  • They have generic, catchy names
  • There is no detailed contact information on their profile
  • They don’t have profit/loss sheets to prove their previous record

In the end, it is best to stay away from fixed games altogether, because you may get into all sorts of trouble.

The obvious problem is that you can be the scammed and lose your money. But if you often play suspicious games, sportsbooks may limit or temporarily close your betting account.

Just remember that this isn’t the only betting scam and that there are many other scams that can be applied to horse racing and several other sports.

There are many other betting strategies that can make you long-term profit. And look for fast and easy money in sports betting isn’t the right solution.


How to cheat the sportsbooks?

First of all, cheating isn’t nice, and cheating sportsbooks can get you in all sorts of trouble. Because of that, we don’t suggest that you should implement any known cheating strategies, as your account may be limited, or suspended for life.

Why people sell their picks?

There are several reasons why professional bettors sell their picks to other people, but the most simple reason is to make extra profit. There is a high demand for quality picks, and people are desperate to make money from sports betting.

Is there a secure betting strategy that can guarantee a risk-free profit?

There are several excellent betting strategies that can make a long-term profit to the bettors. The most popular betting strategies are Matched Betting and Arbitrage Betting. With these two betting strategies, bettors can make a steady and secure profit. If you want to know more about these strategies, please visit our Betting Strategies Sub-section.