Using Handicapper Picks to Win More NFL Props

Win more NFL props using professional handicapper picks.

Key Points

– Handicapper picks are one thing bettors can use to win more NFL props.

– Analyze matchups to win more NFL props.

Use Sports Picks to Win More NFL Props

Sports betting has taken off over the last several years. With all the legal changes in U.S. states, more and more bettors keep entering the market. 

Betting on football has always been the king of sports betting and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. What is beginning to change is a move away from the standard point spread, moneyline, and totals bets. NFL bettors are lining up to win more NFL props bets.

With so many fantasy football players now having access to legalized sports betting, NFL props are on the rise and that isn’t going to slow down anytime soon either.

One prominent sportsbook actually took more bets on Rams WR Cooper Kupp in the Anytime Touchdown category than they did on Super Bowl LVI’s point spread. Times are changing and bettors need to arm themselves to win more NFL props.

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Understanding the Market

NFL props take many shapes and forms. There are team props, game props, player props, and the off-the-wall, wild and crazy exotic bets. These are wagers that you typically only used to see at Super Bowls. How long will the national anthem run before the game? Another popular bet in this category is the result of the game’s coin toss.

While NFL bettors are wagering on team win totals, NFL player props are what most bettors think of when the topic is brought up. Player props are available for every game on the NFL schedule.

These props include the major statistical categories for quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs. Common examples of NFL player props include Touchdown Passes by a quarterback and Receiving Yards by a wide receiver. 

Typically, a bettor will wager on the Over or the Under based on oddsmakers’ set totals. For example, Aaron Rodgers passing yards total in a game is set at 269.5. Odds are set for the Over and the Under. Bettors can then wager accordingly.

How to Win More NFL Props

There are a number of strategies bettors can utilize to win more NFL props. When looking at the various NFL prop bets in a given week, the first thing bettors should look for are matchups. 

Maybe it’s a quarterback against a suspect secondary. It could be a running back against a poor run defense or even a wide receiver’s head-to-head matchup with an opposing corner. Analyze the matchups first.

When looking at matchups, it pays to find the extremes. For example, you would want to find a top-5 wide receiver going up against a bottom-5 cornerback. The same would be true for running backs. Look for top-5 backs going up against bottom-5 run defenses. 

Take Tennessee’s Derrick Henry. He led the NFL in rushing in two consecutive seasons. If he is facing a team like Houston, for example, and they rank No. 32 in the NFL against the run, it might make sense to take a closer look at his Rushing Yards prop.

With all of the statistics and metrics available, it is becoming easier for the NFL bettor to research various bets. The bottom line in betting props is to first take the time to analyze matchups.

Buying Handicapper Picks

One of the easiest strategies that NFL bettors can use to win more NFL props bets is to buy sports handicapper picks. All bettors can actually win more by investing in a good quality handicapper.

Handicappers are professionals who bet on sports for a living. In addition to their bets, they typically sell their best winning picks on all sorts of sporting events. 

Like anything, you have to do some research to find the right handicapper. In this case, you want someone you can trust who is an expert in the NFL. Look for someone who specializes in NFL and if possible, find a capper that focuses on NFL player props.

The best cappers in the industry are transparent and they will provide their records. You may find some handicappers on a hot streak but, over the long run, the best in the business will win roughly 55 to 60 percent of the time. 

Do yourself a favor and don’t skimp on your research. Social media is a great place to find out all sorts of information about handicappers. Don’t be afraid to engage customers and find out about their experience with certain cappers. 

Buying handicapper picks can help bettors win more, but keep in mind that it must make financial sense. If you are going to bet $5 and $10 on a wager, it might not be in your best interest to pay $50 for a handicapper’s pick.

Shop the Market

It goes without saying that bettors, all bettors, should shop around for the best lines for all of their bets. If you can find Aaron Rodgers’ Passing Yards prop giving odds of -110 at one sportsbook but -105 at another, which one are you going to choose? Laying out $105 to win $100 is better than putting down $110.

Ask yourself a simple question. Would you rather lose $105 or $110? It’s pretty simple when you look at it that way. Shop around to find the best line and odds on the bets that you like. It can end up saving you money in the long run. 

Combining It All for the Win

In the end, to win more NFL props, bettors must combine these simple strategies. Begin with the analyzing of the matchups. Find the best matchups that provide the best value. 

Utilize a professional handicapper with a strong reputation and record in the industry. Get his best NFL props picks. Shop the market for the best prices on these props and sit back and enjoy the results!