NFL Week 1 Odds Comparison and Line Movement

The NFL regular season is scheduled to begin next week. NFL week 1 odds have been out for a while now and we’ve seen some line movement in the last several months. 

We’re going to analyze every NFL week 1 game point spread and total. 

The majority of recreational bettors won’t be betting these lines until next week, so now would be a great time to bet on some of the fastest-moving week 1 point spreads and totals. 

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NFL Week 1 Odds: Opening and Current Lines

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In this article, we’re going to compare the NFL week 1 odds from when they opened up until the time of publishing. Several games have seen the point spread move 1.5+ points since opening. 

Find out where the action is going before placing your NFL week 1 best bets. 

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Texans vs. Chiefs Odds Preview

Opening Line: Chiefs –10 (-110) / Current Line: Chiefs –9.5 (-105) 

Opening Total: 56.5 Points / Current Total: 53.5 Points 

Action has been relatively split on this game and sharps were jumping on the Texans +10. The public is likely going to overreact to the DeAndre Hopkins trade, plus the Chiefs are a public darling. 

Dolphins vs. Patriots Odds Preview

Opening Line: Patriots –5.5 (-110) / Current Line: Patriots –6 (-110) 

Opening Total: 43.5 Points / Current Total: 43 Points 

Cam Newton is going to start at QB for the Patriots. More than half of the bets tracked for this game are on the Dolphins to cover ATS, but are you willing to bet against Belichick at less than a TD? 

Browns vs. Ravens Odds Preview

Opening Line: Ravens –9 (-110) / Current Line: Ravens –8 (-110) 

Opening Total: 48.5 Points / Current Total: 48.5 Points 

With 60% of the total tracked ATS bets on the Browns as underdogs, that’s concerning. Cleveland are a live underdog, but you rarely want to be betting on a public underdog, especially in week 1. 

Jets vs. Bills Odds Preview

Opening Line: Bills –5.5 (-110) / Current Line: Bills –6.5 (-110) 

Opening Total: 40 Points / Current Total: 39.5 Points 

I really don’t think we’re going to see the Bills hit –7 or higher, as that would allow those that jumped on –5.5 to try and middle at a key number. This line shouldn’t move any further prior to kick-off. 

Raiders vs. Panthers Odds Preview

Opening Line: Panthers PK (-110) / Current Line: Raiders –2.5 (-120) 

Opening Total: 46.5 Points / Current Total: 47.5 Points 

If you wanted to back Las Vegas, you missed the boat. This line opened at an NFL pickem, but has now been bet up to Raiders –2.5, plus you’re going to be paying extra juice (-120). 

Seahawks vs. Falcons Odds Preview

Opening Line: Seahawks –1 (-110) / Current Line: Seahawks –1 (-110) 

Opening Total: 48.5 Points / Current Total: 49 Points 

Nearly 80% of the bets have come in on the Seahawks since this NFL week 1 line was released, but it hasn’t moved. Could the Falcons do the opposite of last season and jump out to a fast start? 

Eagles vs. Washington Odds Preview

Opening Line: Eagles –5.5 (-110) / Current Line: Eagles –6 (-110) 

Opening Total: 45.5 Points / Current Total: 43 Points 

This seems like a trap doesn’t it? Dwayne Haskins is terrible and the Eagles come into this game on a six-game winning streak against Washington. Five of those wins were by double digits. 

Bears vs. Lions Odds Preview

Opening Line: Lions PK (-110) / Current Line: Lions –3 (-105) 

Opening Total: 44 Points / Current Total: 43.5 Points 

This NFL week 1 match-up has seen a lot of line movement. Detroit opened as a PK, but are now a FG favorite. Chicago has uncertainty at QB, but the defense could steal them one. 

Colts vs. Jaguars Odds Preview

Opening Line: Colts –7 (-110) / Current Line: Colts –7.5 (-110) 

Opening Total: 46 Points / Current Total: 45 Points 

Sportsbooks normally don’t like moving to –7.5 in the NFL, but that’s what has happened here. Are you sold on Philip Rivers and the Colts? Will Jacksonville be this year’s worst team? 

Packers vs. Vikings Odds Preview

Opening Line: Vikings –3 (-110) / Current Line: Vikings –2.5 (-110) 

Opening Total: 46.5 Points / Current Total: 46.5 Points 

A lot of early action came in on the Packers when they were at +3 and +3.5 points. It wouldn’t be a major surprise if the action continues to come in on GB and this closes near a pickem. 

Chargers vs. Bengals Odds Preview

Opening Line: Chargers –3.5 (-110) / Current Line: Chargers –3 (-120) 

Opening Total: 46.5 Points / Current Total: 44 Points 

No one really knows what to expect out of rookie QB Joe Burrow and the Bengals offense. This is one of those games best to avoid. Can you trust Tyrod Taylor and the Chargers to cover? 

Cardinals vs. 49ers Odds Preview

Opening Line: 49ers –7.5 (-110) / Current Line: 49ers –7 (-110) 

Opening Total: 45.5 Points / Current Total: 47.5 Points 

Arizona are a popular underdog in week 1. About 80% of the bets up to the time of publishing have come in on the Cardinals. Will Kyler Murray take a step forward with Hopkins in town? 

Buccaneers vs. Saints Odds Preview

Opening Line: Saints –4.5 (-110) / Current Line: Saints –3.5 (-110) 

Opening Total: 50.5 Points / Current Total: 49.5 Points 

This game is going to be on everyone’s radar. How will Tom Brady look with the elite weapons he has in Tampa Bay? This should be a shootout, but two other games have a higher week 1 over/under. 

Cowboys vs. Rams Odds Preview

Opening Line: Cowboys –2.5 (-110) / Current Line: Cowboys –2.5 (-115) 

Opening Total: 50.5 Points / Current Total: 52 Points 

Bookies are taking a lot of bets on the Cowboys, but the spread hasn’t moved yet. The juice went up a bit, but that’s it. Both of these teams struggled at times last year and this one is a toss-up. 

Steelers vs. Giants Odds Preview

Opening Line: Steelers –3 (-110) / Current Line: Steelers –4.5 (-110) 

Opening Total: 48 Points / Current Total: 47 Points 

If Daniel Jones can take a step forward, he and Saquon Barkley would form a strong QB/RB duo. The Steelers will have Ben Roethlisberger back, but the young Giants will be hungry on MNF. 

Titans vs. Broncos Odds Preview

Opening Line: Broncos –1.5 (-110) / Current Line: Broncos –1.5 (-110) 

Opening Total: 42.5 Points / Current Total: 41 Points 

This is going to be a good game to finish out NFL week 1 on Monday night. Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill were paid, but the Broncos are tough at home even if there won’t be any fans.