Why it is Important to Keep Track of your Sports Bets?

Be a bet tracker. The world of sports betting is full of interesting people achieving exciting things and interesting stories. Sports betting has a rich culture, and it captures the interest of people around the globe.

We want to share with you some of the most intriguing topics about the sports betting industry. In this sub-section, you will read tales about some incredible wins, but also terrifying stories about life’s ruined by sports betting and gambling.

So grab a favorite drink and sit back. Time for storytelling!  

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If you are a recreational weekend bettor, then this article maybe isn’t suited for you, but we suggest you read it nevertheless. And if you are trying to make a steady profit from sports betting and you are not tracking your bets, something is wrong with your logic. It is extremely important to monitor your bets and analyze them from time to time because tracking can be crucial to aid you in improving your betting strategies and results.

Today, in this article, we will cover the most important things regarding bet tracking and how to use monitoring to be a better and more profitable bettor.

Why is this topic important? Because sports betting is one though and competitive discipline, and if you are not 100% in it, sports betting will punish you severely. That is the reason why so many people tried it and fail. Knowledge is power, so it is critical to learn every single system, strategy, or theory in order to raise your chances of winning against sportsbooks.  

Basic stuff that you need to know about tracking bets and a bet tracker

You have three possibilities when it comes to betting track. You can do it manually, you can use some of the reliable bet tracker tools, and you can do both. Our suggestion is to choose the third option, as you will be able to minimize the risk of human or computer error.

There are several things that you should track, such as the date of the bet, type of bet, your stake, odds, and the outcome. These information’s are crucial, as with them, you will get a look at your betting as a whole, but also you will be able to break things down and analyze them piece by piece (for example, analyze individual bet types, or sports).

Every professional bettor needs to know his strengths and weaknesses, in which sport or betting market he makes a profit, and where he makes mistakes, and these information’s are impossible to know without decent bet tracker.

Advanced things you should take into account

Bet tracking

As you may know, there are several betting theories regarding staking methods. There is no significant difference if you are using flat staking, or unit staking method, it is essential for every serious bettor to write his confidence level behind every single bet he takes.

Basically, you need to write down your confidence level on every bet you took, as you will see after a while where you make mistakes and when. This information might help you to identify spots where you need to re-think your strategy. If you are losing on the bets where you are over-confident, maybe you should think twice before making those bets.

One of the best ways to rate your confidence level is to assign a number next to your bet. Usually, bettors use a 1-10 scale, with 1 being low confidence bet, and 10 being the closest to the “safe bet.

Also, it is essential to track every single bet! Why? Well, bettors tend to be dishonest to themselves and to change some results for various reasons. You made a bet when you were drunk? Or was it just a fun live bet? There is no good reason not to track and count every bet. In the end, you play with your money, and if you tamper with results, you are lying to yourself.  

One of the most crucial things in sports betting is, to be honest with yourself. If you are honest, you will be able to improve and eventually to make a constant profit.

Online Bet Tracker

If you are too lazy to track your bets, or you just want to double-check your work, then you should look for free (or paid) online bet trackers. Those programs are specifically designed to track bettors betting activities.

So if you don’t like to make your own sheets and trackers, then a bet tracker is the perfect choice for you, as these programs calculate anything and everything betting related.


What is the best staking system?

Professional bettors around the world use several excellent staking systems, and there is no universal answer to this question. Every sports bettor should use the staking system that fit his needs.

How hard is it to track your bets manually?

Actually, tracking your own bets manually isn’t hard at all. It is important to find a good spreadsheet that has all the essential information. Nowadays, most of the excel spreadsheets are automated.

How to make a profit from sports betting?

This is a complicated question, and it is impossible to answer it in just a few sentences. In short, you need to be disciplined, to have certain skills, and to have a bit of luck.