NFL Teaser Betting Strategy and Tips for Winning

NFL handicappers have numerous options to take advantage of throughout the course of a season. One of those options is NFL teaser betting.

The teaser bet is simply one in which the bettor pays to move the point spread. The standard in the industry is a two-team, six-point teaser which pays out at about the same odds as a regular point spread bet.

To have success betting NFL teasers, there are certain rules that NFL handicappers should follow. We examine five below.

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NFL Teaser Betting Rules

#1 – Fully Cross the Two Key Numbers

In teaser lingo, to “fully cross” means to go from a loss to a win. There are two key numbers that bettors should consider when betting teasers – 3 and 7.

These are the most common margins of victory in NFL games. Studies have shown that nearly 15 percent of all NFL regular season games are decided by exactly three points. Another 10 percent end with a margin of exactly seven points.

Bettors should consider games where their extra six points allows them to cross these two key point thresholds. It is important to note that regular season underdogs of +1.5 to +2.5 covered a 6-point teaser nearly 75 percent (311-105) of the time since 2003. Favorites of -7.5 to -8.5 covered a 6-point teaser at the same rate (177-59).

#2 – Don’t Tease Across Zero

The idea of a teaser bet is to add the points to capture as many of the most common margins of victory. As mentioned, 3 and 7 are the most common final margins. Adding in 4 and 6, we have the four most common results.

When you tease a +2 underdog to +8, you capture all four of these most common end results. When you attempt to tease and cross zero, you simply do not capture enough of these common margins of victory.

If you tease a team from -3 to +3, what value have you gained? The answer, of course, is not much and that is why you stay away from teasing across zero.

#3 – No Totals on Teasers

There are certain numbers that are extremely rare when betting NFL totals. For example, the likelihood that a game ends with 32 or 42 points, is negligible. The most common point total in NFL games is 41 and the most common final score is 23-20 for a total of 46 points.

The problem is that these numbers do not hit with a high enough frequency. Because of that, it makes no sense mathematically to tease a point total.

#4 – Shop Around

You would shop for the best lines and odds if you were betting sides in a normal bet. Why not shop for the best price on NFL teaser betting?

Bettors would take the same two-team, six-point teaser at -110 at one sportsbook compared to another offering the bet at -120.

Just because it’s a teaser doesn’t mean you can’t shop around for a better price.

#5 – Know Your Book’s Rules

Different sportsbooks will have different rules especially when it comes to ties. If you have a two-team teaser and one leg results in a push, some books will count that as a loss.

Other sportsbooks have “ties win” options. Bettors pay a little extra and can still win if only one leg of the teaser wins and the other is a push.