NFL Picks Week 5 and Betting Lines Movement

October 5, 2020
NFL Picks Week 5 and Betting Lines Movement

Looking to jump on some early NFL week 5 lines? We share some of our experts’ NFL picks week 5, while also comparing NFL week 5 odds (opening odds vs. current odds). 

We still have two NFL week 4 games tonight, as the Patriots vs. Chiefs was postponed until today after Cam Newton tested positive for COVID-19. Brian Hoyer will start at QB tonight. 

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NFL Week 5 Betting Trends

The high-scoring games continue, as 9 of 13 week 4 games have had 50+ points scored. With both of the games tonight expected to be high-scoring, overs are continuing to be a great bet. 

The bookies have been adjusting for the higher scoring and the over is only 7-6 in week 4 so far. 

Five underdogs in week 4 have already won their games straight-up. 

The Vikings, Browns, Eagles, Broncos and Panthers all won as dogs. This was a great week to bet on moneyline underdogs and you can’t count the Patriots or Falcons out tonight. 

Analyzing the Opening Lines and Best NFL Picks Week 5

Our first goal of this weekly article is to help NFL bettors analyze NFL line movement (point spreads and over/under totals).

We also consult with our NFL handicappers to get some of their best bets. We share these picks for free every week in this article, so make sure you bookmark the GameAdvisers Betting Academy

The Packers and Lions are both on a bye for week 5. The Titans vs. Bills game status is uncertain at the time of publishing as well, but we expect the game will be postponed. 

Buccaneers vs. Bears Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: Buccaneers –3 / Current Line: Buccaneers –5.5 

Opening Total: 45.5 Points / Current Total: 44.5 Points 

The Buccaneers (3-1 / 2-2 ATS) are off to a fast start and Brady just tossed 5 TDs in week 4. The Bears (3-1 / 2-2 ATS) struggled with Foles at QB and the best bet here is on the Bucs to cover ATS. 

Cardinals vs. Jets Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: Cardinals –8.5 / Current Line: Cardinals –6.5 

Opening Total: 44.5 Points / Current Total: 47.5 Points 

The Cardinals (2-2 / 2-2 ATS) are reeling and have lost two straight as favorites. The Jets (0-4 / 0-4 ATS) have been horrendous and will be fighting for the #1 pick. Arizona bounces back in NFL picks week 5. 

Panthers vs. Falcons Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: Falcons –3.5 / Current Line: Falcons –3.5 

Opening Total: 55 Points / Current Total: 54.5 Points 

Atlanta (0-3 / 1-2 ATS) play tonight and need a win badly. If they lose this line will drop big. We’re jumping on Carolina (2-2 / 2-2 ATS) while we’re still getting +3.5 points against the spread. 

Bengals vs. Ravens Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: Ravens –13 / Current Line: Ravens –13.5 

Opening Total: 46 Points / Current Total: 52 Points 

The Ravens (3-1 / 2-2 ATS) won comfortably against Washington (31-17) in week 4. Cincinnati (1-2-1 / 3-1 ATS) won their first game with Joe Burrow. The total has shot up on this game. Avoid this game. 

Jaguars vs. Texans Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: Texans –7 / Current Line: Texans –6.5 

Opening Total: 47 Points / Current Total: 54 Points 

Another total that has skyrocketed since opening. The Jaguars (1-3 / 2-2 ATS) just lost to Cincy and the Texans (0-4 / 0-4 ATS) remain winless. If the total rises much more, look strongly at the under. for NFL picks week 5.

Raiders vs. Chiefs Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: Chiefs –11.5 / Current Line: Chiefs –11.5 

Opening Total: 43 Points / Current Total: 57 Points 

The bookies had to increase this total a lot as well. The Chiefs (3-0 / 2-1 ATS) play tonight and then have a shot week. Las Vegas (2-2 / 2-2 ATS) have lost two consecutive games. 

Since 2016, the Chiefs are 7-1 (6-2) against the Raiders.  

Rams vs. Washington Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: Rams –9.5 / Current Line: Rams –8.5 

Opening Total: 40 Points / Current Total: 46 Points 

The Rams (3-1 / 2-2 ATS) barely defeated the Giants this week. Washington (1-3 / 2-2 ATS) are having a tough season, but the offense is reasonably well. We’re looking towards the Rams if this line drops. 

Eagles vs. Steelers Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: Steelers –7.5 / Current Line: Steelers –7.5 

Opening Total: 44 Points / Current Total: 45 Points 

This total hasn’t jumped much at all yet. The Eagles (1-2-1 / 1-3 ATS) are actually leading the NFC East right now. The Steelers (3-0 / 2-1 ATS) didn’t play this week, as their game was postponed. 

Dolphins vs. 49ers Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: 49ers –8 / Current Line: 49ers –7.5 

Opening Total: 46.5 Points / Current Total: 47 Points 

The 49ers (2-2 / 2-2 ATS) just lost on Sunday night to the Eagles and Mullens was terrible. They need to get Jimmy G back. Miami (1-3 / 2-2 ATS) are struggling and we should see Tua at some point. 

Broncos vs. Patriots Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: Patriots –11 / Current Line: OTB 

Opening Total: 48.5 Points / Current Total: OTB 

We’ll update this game after the Patriots (2-1 / 2-1 ATS) play tonight. The Broncos (1-3 / 3-1 ATS) have been a great bet against the spread in 2020 and we like that to continue if we’re getting DEN +10. 

Colts vs. Browns Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: Colts –2.5 / Current Line: Colts –2.5 

Opening Total: 46.5 Points / Current Total: 47.5 Points 

The Browns (3-1 / 2-2 ATS) offense has been on fire. OBJ just put up monster numbers in week 4 in a win against the Cowboys. The Colts (3-1 / 3-1 ATS) continue to defy the odds as well. 

Giants vs. Cowboys Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: Cowboys –11.5 / Current Line: Cowboys –9.5 

Opening Total: 44 Points / Current Total: 54 Points 

The Cowboys (1-3 / 0-4 ATS) and Giants (0-4 / 2-2 ATS) will be fighting for last place in the NFC East in week 5. We don’t see the G-Men keeping up offensively and the Cowboys look good at –9.5 points. 

Vikings vs. Seahawks Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: Seahawks –9.5 / Current Line: Seahawks –7 

Opening Total: 49.5 Points / Current Total: 58 Points 

The Seahawks (4-0 / 4-0 ATS) and Vikings (1-3 / 2-2 ATS) will be throwing all over the field in this game. We recommend jumping on the Seahawks while you can get them as a TD favorite. 

Chargers vs. Saints Week 5 Odds and Pick

Opening Line: Saints –7.5 / Current Line: Saints –8.5 

Opening Total: 50 Points / Current Total: 52 Points 

On MNF, the Saints (2-2 / 2-2 ATS) host the Chargers (1-3 / 3-1 ATS). LAC are bad, but they’ve been covering ATS. The consensus around here is that the Saints can’t be trusted as a TD+ favorite.