Guide to Betting on NFL Player Props

NFL player props bets are another fun and exciting way to bet on professional football. Instead of betting on the outcome of a game, bettors are wagering on whether or not a specific event will occur in the course of a game.

The betting structure for NFL player props is similar to betting NFL spreads or totals. Bettors will see props with a YES/NO or an OVER/UNDER option with odds listed for each choice.

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What Is an NFL Player Prop?

A typical player prop bet may look like this:

Tom Brady OVER 260.5 Passing Yards (-118) vs. Tom Brady UNDER 260.5 Passing Yards (-106)

There are a number of NFL player proposition bets each week on the betting boards. Here are the most popular that bettors will find.

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Quarterback Passing Yards Props

One of the most common NFL player props is quarterback passing yards. From the example above, bettors can wager on whether or not a quarterback will throw Over the total or Under the total.

A bet on Brady to go over 260.5 passing yards would pay out $118 on a $100 bet. Likewise a bet on the Under would pay out $106 on a $100 bet if Brady threw for fewer than 260.5 yards.

Running Back Rushing Yards Props

Another common player prop bet is on how many yards a given running back will gain in a game. This is similar to NFL totals betting. You will wager on the Over or the Under. Here’s an example.

Derrick Henry OVER 98.5 (-115) vs. Derrick Henry UNDER 98.5 (-115)

A $115 bet on Henry, the NFL’s leading rusher in 2019, to rush for more than 98.5 yards would pay out $100. Betting on a player prop like this makes watching a game much more exciting as you root for a favorable outcome.

Total Receiving Yards Props

The NFL is a passing league and many of the player props are connected to that. One of the more common props that bettors will find involves the total receiving yards for many of the game’s best receivers. Here’s an example.

Stefon Diggs OVER 102.5 (-108) vs. Stefon Diggs UNDER 102.5 (-112)

Diggs is the Buffalo Bills top wide receiver and his quarterback, Josh Allen, is making a name for himself as one of the NFL’s best young signal-callers.

With Diggs as the Bills’ go-to receiver, you put down $108 on Diggs to go Over 102.5 receiving yards. If he surpasses that mark, your bet pays out $100.

Other NFL Player Props

Just as there is for yards, you can find NFL player prop bets for touchdowns scored by position. For example, rushing touchdowns is a category for a prop bet. Bettors again wager on a player scoring more than or less than a certain number of touchdowns.

Adrian Peterson OVER 0.5 TDs (-115) vs. Adrian Peterson UNDER 0.5 TDs (-115)

One of the more exciting categories of NFL player proposition bets is the two-player, head-to-head matchups. For example, you can wager on which quarterback would have more passing yards.

Let’s say the Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You can place a bet on which quarterback will throw for more yards. The wager might look like this:

Patrick Mahomes vs. Tom Brady (-118)