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Basketball Picks From the Best Handicappers

From opening tipoff to the final whistle, basketball offers an unlimited supply of wagering opportunities. Did you know that March Madness is second only to the Super Bowl as the most bet event? No matter what level of bettor you are, Sports Hub offers the best picks for everyone looking to increase their basketball betting winning percentage.

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How to Bet on Basketball

Anyone looking to wager on basketball is in luck. This sport offers bettors tons of choices from opening day in the NBA until the championship clinching game of the NBA Finals. You can find odds for men’s and women’s college basketball, the WNBA, the EuroLeague and much more.

With a near infinite number of betting opportunities on the board daily during a season, you have the opportunity to capitalize on most nights. With events like the NBA Playoffs and March Madness, bettors can sweat the entire season through player and team futures. The NCAA tournament packs a ton of action into a few weeks when bettors need it the most.

Betting on the point spread is very common among basketball bettors, but there is a ton of value to be found wagering on moneylines, totals, player props and much more. Visit our dedicated page on how to bet on basketball.

Basketball Betting FAQ

What are the different types of basketball bets I can make?

There are several types of basketball bets that you can make, including:
– Money Line: Predict who will win the game. Represented as a 3-digit number, like -130 vs. +115. -130 means you need to wager $130 to win $100, while +115 signifies that every $100 wagered wins you $115.
– Point Spread: Maybe the most popular form of betting on basketball. The spread is represented as the favorite (-) and the underdog (+). The favorite has to win by the number of points, and the underdog simply needs to avoid losing by that many.
– Over/Under (Totals): A number based on how the total points will be scored in the game. You decide if the combined final score will be over or under that number. NBA games commonly have a total over 200 while college games are around 150.
– Live/In-Game Betting: Allows you to wager on a game as it is happening. The odds are dynamic and will update throughout the entire game.
– Props & Futures: Limited to the options your sportsbook offers. Bet on who will be the MVP or if Jimmy Butler will go over or under 22 points.

What does a -3 spread mean in basketball?

-3 would be the point spread, and is one of the most popular betting markets for anyone betting basketball. Point spreads are created to encourage equal betting on both teams. -3 means a team is a 3-point favorite. Let’s say the Boston Celtics are a -3-point favorite against the Los Angeles Lakers. This means the Celtics have to win by more than 3 points in order to “cover the spread”. On the other hand, if the Lakers win or lose by 3 or less, a wager on them at +3 will cash (a 3-point win would be a push).

How can I be successful in basketball betting?

With so many games on the schedule, it can be a difficult task to find value when betting on basketball. Be sure you understand the basics and then learn how to spot value. Understand that you might find value in different areas. For example, an NBA team might be the worst team against the spread on the road. You might find value in fading them when away from home.

Is wagering on basketball totals profitable?

There will always be weak lines posted in basketball. But most recreational bettors have trouble finding these lines are weak. Consider focusing on mid-major NCAAB conferences, because sportsbooks do not spend as much time setting these lines. Also, concentrate on a few teams or division. By doing this, you can know more about a smaller number of teams and not be bombarded with endless stats & data.

What are some important factors to consider when betting on basketball?

There are several factors to consider when betting on basketball, including:
– Team form and recent performance.
– Head-to-head history between the teams.
– Shop for the best available betting line.
– Consider tracking specific teams.
– Follow basketball handicappers at Sports Hub.