Responsible Gambling and Where to Find Help

In this section of Game Advisers portal, we will try to inform you about dangers. Help you learn about safer betting and educate you on how to recognize the signs of potential problems associated with responsible gambling and betting.

Gambling and sports betting industry evolves every day, but this growth comes with a lot of dangers for the bettors.

Learn how to recognize the early signs of risky behavior and find out how and where to ask for help. Betting should be fun, and gambling addiction is a severe problem.

The problematic betting behavior is a red-hot topic in the betting industry, at the moment. Our team of experts at Game Advisers portal prefer that our readers place wagers safely and responsibly.

Trying to stay away from the significant dangers of betting addiction.

Because of that, we are making this set of articles in which we will talk about problematic patters and possible solutions when it comes to problematic betting habits.

In our first article of the problematic betting sub-section, we will talk about symptoms and diagnosis of problem betting addiction. Ways to overcome the potential problem, and places where you can ask for help.

Problem Betting Symptoms and Diagnosis

The most important thing about the problematic betting disorder is to be able to recognize wheter your betting habits are questionable or not. Recognition is essential because everything else depends on it.

Betting addiction will, without any doubt, influence most of the aspects of your private life. Which is why betting addiction symptoms cover a wide range of areas.

If you want to test yourself and see if your habits are problematic, you should read our article about problem betting symptoms and diagnosis. 

Even if your betting habits are not problematic, it is good to know the most frequent symptoms of betting addiction, and how to deal with them.

How to Overcome Potential Problem?

Well, we will write the most obvious solution – STOP BETTING! But we are aware that in most cases it is easier to be said than done. That’s why the betting problem is also known as “gambling addiction,” and it is considered to be as dangerous as addiction to drugs and alcohol.

A small number of bettors manage to see that they have a problem and to overcome it on their own, but those examples are rare.

First of all, fighting alone against any addiction is incredibly hard, and secondly, we think that problematic bettors have the best chance to win in the most important battle if they seek help.

There are a number of helplines, rehabilitation centers, and support groups that can help bettors overcome problem gambling. In our article we wrote about some of those forms of help.

How can Sportsbooks Help?

Responsible Betting

In the past, sportsbooks didn’t care much about their customers. Still, in recent years they changed their practices, and now almost all reputable sportsbooks have ways to help their customers with problematic betting behavior.

As far as responsible gambling goes, there are various tools like self-exclusion, several types of limits (deposit, maximum wager, time, etc.), and with those bettors can cope with their addiction more comfortably.

Except for tools offered by the sportsbooks, bettors can use some other useful tools provided by countries, and independent third parties.

We suggest you try all of these tools and find out which one suits you best. And which one helps you with your addiction.

You must have in mind that using only those tools, you won’t be able to cope with possible addiction, but they can be a useful help in your battle against problematic betting habits.   

In the end

Responsible Gambling is not easy to achieve. Betting addiction is a severe problem and needs to be taken very seriously. Because of that, we point out that if you spot some of the signs, you should ask for help. You are not alone, and there are people and organizations that will guide you and help in hard times.  


How can you stop betting?

The most important thing is to understand that you have a problem. You won’t be able to help yourself if you don’t understand that the problem exists.
After that, you should join support groups, ask for help from your family and friends, and find alternative hobbies.
That way, you will be able to fight and eventually win in a hard battle against your betting addiction.

How does gambling affect relationships?

Betting and gambling problems can affect whole families, as problematic bettors don’t have any empathy for the loved ones. Emotional issues and financial difficulties are some of the most common problems, when it comes to problematic betting disorder.

How do you spot a problematic gambler?

If you think that your spouse or family member has a problem with gambling, you should look for these signs. Problematic gamblers usually spend more money than they can afford on gambling, they find it hard to stop gambling, and they lose interest in usual activities or hobbies.