NFL Super Bowl Props Betting Guide

September 27, 2020
NFL Super Bowl Props Betting Guide

There is one sporting event that brings in more action than any other each – the Super Bowl. Billions of dollars are wagered on the annual game that determines the NFL champion with millions bet on NFL Super Bowl props.

While bettors can profit betting traditional markets – NFL point spreads, NFL moneylines, and NFL totals – there is a whole other market lying in wait. Super Bowl proposition bets.

Prop bets, of course, are those made prior to the game on actions or events that occur during the game. There are plenty of Super Bowl prop bets from which to choose giving bettors a number of ways to profit on the big game.

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The Most Popular NFL Super Bowl Props Bet

Every year, the most popular Super Bowl prop bet is on who will score the game’s first touchdown. This prop is normally offered for regular season games as well, but the amount of action prior to the Super Bowl puts the regular season to shame.

There are odds on who will score the Super Bowl’s last touchdown too, but the first touchdown prop dwarfs it pulling in about 10 times more action.

Other “Firsts” NFL Super Bowl Props

In addition to the first touchdown, there are a number of other prop bets for the big game that involve firsts.

For example, you can wager on whether or not the opening kickoff will be touchback. With the

proficiency of NFL kickers these days, you would expect more touchbacks. Add in the fact that the offense gets the ball at the 25-yard line and the touchback seems like a given.

Over the past 27 seasons, there have been just two touchbacks on the opening kick. One in 2013 and the other in 2017.

Another “first” prop bet is on whether the first play from scrimmage will be a run or a pass. This bet usually comes down to which team gets the ball first.

Which team scores first is another popular bet in this category. So is the bet on what the first score of the game will be – a touchdown or a field goal or safety. Coaches tend to be a bit cautious in the Super Bowl early in games. The field goal usually hits over 50 percent of the time.

National Anthem NFL Super Bowl Props

Yes, you can bet on the national anthem. There are prop bets for the length of the anthem as well as for things like will there be a scoring drive that takes less time than the anthem? Some anthem prop bets even include things like the length of the final note/word in the song.

Commercial NFL Super Bowl Props

Most sports fans don’t stick around for commercials during the regular season, but they watch them come Super Bowl time. There’s a good reason. They can see if they win their prop bets.

The most popular wager in this category is simply which company’s commercial will air first. Others include which auto company brand will air first or which beverage brand will air before the rest.

Super Bowl prop bets are a fun way to stay engaged with the game. They are also a great way to hedge a traditional bet and add to your bankroll.