How to Choose an Honest Handicapper?

Are You Getting Tired of Losing Money? Get professional help!

Let’s be honest! It is perfectly normal to lose money on sports betting, it is also hard to find honest handicappers. Around 90% of all bettors in the world regularly lose money in the long run, and every year it is getting harder and harder to beat the sportsbooks any given Sunday.

If you are one of those bettors that can’t find the way to make a profit from sports betting, there are two solutions. Stop betting or find a professional bettor that will help you make money.

In the past, it was hard to find other people willing to share their wagers with customers for money. But now with the rise of the internet and social media betting community, people are more connected than ever. And it is easy to get in touch with profitable sports bettors that sell their predictions to other people.

Sports handicappers

Of course, the internet isn’t a safe place, and there is a lot of scam artists that try to sell unproven information and low-quality picks.

For the customer, it is essential to find the most trusted and respected sports handicappers that will give you quality work and make you a steady profit in the long run.

In this article, we will teach you how to determine which sports handicappers deserve to be trusted with your hard-earned money. 

Transparency is the key!

This one is rather straightforward. The honest handicapper will always show his past results. If the handicapper doesn’t have a public and reliable source to reveal his past record of wins and losses, then you should think twice before you sign-up to his service. Profitable handicappers will always be glad to show you their overall results, and they will not try to endorse themselves, as their records talk for them.  

If the handicapper denies to give you his previous records, he is hiding something without any doubt. That is a red flag in our book, and we would never give our confidence to the selected handicapper, as he is most probably a scammer, or he isn’t such a profitable person as he claims.  

Honest profitable handicappers are rarely loud and pushy on social networks. They don’t boom, they don’t endorse, and they don’t show off. Profitable handicappers are calm and silent types. They don’t need an endorsement to get the clients. Clients find them!

Smart Money Management

Best Sports handicappers

Before you sign-up for a handicapping service, it is a smart thing to analyze his past performances. The professional handicapper will advise to his customers a logical and steady staking plan. Also, the quality handicapper will react calmly when he is on the bad streak, and he will never chase the losses.

You should stay away from the handicappers that chase a loses and lose their head when they are down. A professional handicapper will always stick to the staking plan and grind his way out of bad form.

Style of the Handicapping

Despite the fact that, typically, every other person has his own style of betting, it is important not to choose the handicapping service that will try to sell you parlays and challenges. The only profitable way of sports betting is betting on single selections, and that is the fact.

Parlays and the challengers are bottom of the pile traps for inexperienced sports bettors that want to make easy money in a short time. Let’s get one thing straight; parlays are sucker bets!

You may win from time to time, but these kinds of wagers are a highly volatile type of sports betting. And the quality handicapper will never advise his customers to do that.  


Is there an honest handicapper or handicapping service on the internet? Yes. Is it easy to find one? No.

The most important advice we can give to our readers is to be extremely selective and disciplined! This on the process of finding the right handicapper. Sometimes it is better to pass an opportunity than to lose your money.


Is it illegal to sell betting picks?

No. It is perfectly legal to sell picks over the internet, and many people do so.

Why people sell their picks?

There are several reasons why professional bettors sell their picks to other people, but the most simple reason is to make extra profit. There is a high demand for quality picks, and people are desperate to make money from sports betting.

What the term ROI mean in sports betting?

The Return of Investment (ROI) is the amount of money that you won (or lost) from your total investment in sports betting.