How to Bet on NFL Super Bowl

Biggest Betting Extravaganza in US Sport

Without any doubt, the Super Bowl is the most significant event in the US sports calendar every single year. As professional sports and betting go together like peanut butter and jelly. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest days in the online betting year. It is assumed that this year, bettors wagered over $6 billion in legal and illegal Super Bowl bets.

If you like numbers, then you should know that around 26 million people around the globe placed a wager on the Super Bowl game this year.

Super Bowl and NFL playoffs are popular among sports fans and bettors. Because the NFL is the only professional US team sport with a single-elimination playoff system. Other popular sports such as basketball, hockey, and baseball declare their champions after best-of-seven series.

Super Bowl Betting

In this article, we will give you a few tips and tricks on how to make a profit from betting on the Super Bowl game.

Don’t trust the Public

As we already said, the Super Bowl is the game where anybody will look for the betting action. Knowing that sportsbooks often set the trap lines and just wait for many recreational bettors to bite the bait. We suggest you use common sense, and always to be suspicious about anything that sounds too good to be true. Remember, no matter how much information and knowledge you have, the sportsbooks always have at least 1% more.

That is the reason why it is sometimes much better to fade the public or just skip the particular betting market.

Like every other betting strategy in the world, fading the public betting strategy must be implemented correctly. Or it won’t give you desired results in the long term.

Observe the Line Movement

super bowl bets

Sometimes it is the smartest thing to sit back and watch how the market reacts. One thing is sure, the opening line and the closing line are in 99% cases different. As sportsbooks adjust their lines to get equal action on both sides of a wager.

In our article about the Vigorish we talked about how sportsbooks, thanks to the Vig (Juice, Margin) remain profitable over the long run. To stay profitable, sportsbooks must adjust their betting lines, so the bettors take both sides of a wager equally. When betting action isn’t balanced, sportsbooks can potentially lose money.

Observing how the odds change will give you an idea of where the best value is.

Wait for the Live-Action

This is maybe the best advice we can give you when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl game. Pre-game odds and the lines can be misleading, and sometimes it is best to wait for the game to start and to see how the teams look on the field.

Doing so, you can get an advantage over the sportsbooks. As they tend to stick to their pre-game lines early in the game.   


If you still have questions and issues about the Super Bowl betting tricks, then we have one more tip for you. We will quote a famous Patricia “Pat” Summitt, the legendary coach of the University of Tennessee Lady basketball team. She used to say: “Offense sells tickets, defense wins games.”


When did Super Bowl become so popular?

In the late 1960s, after the merger of NFL and rival American Football League, the championship game became an unofficial American holiday. The name “Super Bowl” first appeared in 1969, and since then, more than 50 games have been played. The two teams won the Super Bowl six times (Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots), while San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys won the ring five times.   

What was the most-watched Super Bowl ever?

According to the statistics, the most-watched Super Bowl game was Super Bowl XLIX, with more than 114 million viewers across the globe. The year before that, 112 million viewers watched the Super Bowl XLVIII.

Is it smart to bet on the Super Bowl game?

Despite the fact that many professional bettors think that Super Bowl is the hardest game of the season to bet on, we believe that if you shop smart, it is possible to make a profit from Super Bowl bets. It is important to read the lines in a proper way and to spot the value. That way, you will be able to be one step ahead and to make smart choices when it comes to NFL Super Bowl bets.