How to Avoid Getting Limited or Suspended of Your Sportsbook

Punishable Offences Which Can Get You Banned

If you are a regular sports bettor and you never got limited or banned from any particular sportsbook, then you can count yourself as a lucky man, but surely, you heard numerous stories about people getting their betting accounts limited and banned from sportsbooks. Sometimes without prior notice, and with their funds frozen on banned accounts.

In this article, we will list the most common reasons why bettors get sanctioned by sportsbooks. At the end of the line, avoiding getting banned is pretty simple: don’t do certain things, and you will be fine!

We will also give you some tips, how to choose the best sportsbook in US that will respect you as a customer.

Betting accounts regulations

Underage Betting

This may look like an obvious thing, but many under-aged people try to register and gamble on sports betting sites all the time.

So, if you are not at least 18 years old. (in some jurisdictions you need to be at least 21), you are not allowed to gamble online. No sports betting operator in the world has a lower age restriction than 18.

Lying about your age in the registration form isn’t a smart thing. As the sportsbooks have numerous methods to check if you are really old enough to gamble online.  

Lying in Your Registration Form

Another common thing that bettors try to do is to lie about their location. Certain sportsbooks have country restrictions, and they do not accept players from certain countries due to legal restrictions.

You can try to register on those betting sites through a VPN, and your accounts might get unnoticed for a while. But almost always those accounts get busted, players get banned, and winnings get seized by the operator.

So, lying about your location, or any other personal information isn’t a smart thing to do.

Nowadays, sportsbooks have strict rules and KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure, and if you get caught violating the rules, you will get banned without any doubt.

Opening Multiple Betting Accounts

We never saw a sportsbook that allows people to hold multiple accounts. Banning players that have several accounts at one sportsbook is one of the most common cases why sportsbooks ban players.

We always strongly suggest to our readers to read Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) of every sportsbook. Why? Well, if you read the fine print, you will see that sportsbooks don’t allow multiple accounts and that they are pretty serious about that rule.

Commonly, it is allowed to open one account per household and IP address. Is that fair? Well, not particularly, but sportsbooks try to prevent bonus hunters from taking several welcome bonuses from the same operator.

Arbitrage Betting (Arbing) and Matched Betting

Arbitrage and Matched Betting are two advanced betting strategies that can bring a steady and guaranteed profit from sports betting.

There are some differences between those two strategies, but both have the same principle. At one sportsbook, you take the back bet and at the second sportsbook (or betting exchange) you make a corresponding lay bet. You make the profit by exploitation of different odds at different sportsbooks.

sportsbook betting accounts limit

With Matched Betting bettors use the same principle, but they use Welcome Bonuses and other promotions from sportsbooks and generate the profit in the same way.

Sure, there is no guarantee that you will make a profit in every bet, mostly because of the human error factor. Still, Arbitrage Betting is as close as you will find to a sure betting strategy.

But, Arbing and Matched Betting isn’t something that sportsbooks love to see. Those sportsbooks will not hesitate to ban the accounts of players that practice Arbitrage Betting, and for those who hunt bonuses, sportsbooks will just stop offering new ones.

If you want to try Arbitrage Betting, then you should open an account at some betting exchange, as those operators encourage bettors to practice Arbitrage Betting.   

Bonus Abuse

Most cases of sportsbook bans fall into this category. Bonus hunting for some is bonus abuse for sportsbooks, and betting operators don’t like to give free money too often. Sports bettors need to be extra careful to avoid being labeled as bonus abusers by the sportsbook.

Most sports bettors that practice Matched Betting get banned sooner or later by every sportsbook. We already wrote that matched betting is a betting discipline. Where bettors use free bets, and bonuses to make a guaranteed profit, and that is something that sportsbooks don’t like.

Constantly Betting on “Fishy” Games

Now and then, sportsbooks find suspicious amounts placed on the same bet. In most cases, sportsbooks adjust the odds or the line, but sometimes the value of money placed on one result can force sportsbooks to block any future bets on a game.

If a bettor constantly or often participates in wagering on such games, he or she can be labeled by a sportsbook and limited or banned.

Do not take the sportsbooks lightly. Every reputable sportsbook has software that analyzes player’s selections and his stakes. If they suspect that sports bettor is trying to take advantage of fishy games, they will take action against that player.


YES! Winning. It is not a myth, many sportsbooks do not like to have registered customers that regularly make a profit.

If you want to avoid being banned for being successful than you should read our reviews as find out which are the best online sportsbooks for US players.


It can be hard to find that your can not longer place wagers at your favorite sportsbook. Well, if you read this article carefully, we don’t think this will happen.

You can always find another sportsbook to place your bets there.

That’s why it is important always to choose a respectable and reputable sportsbook.

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