Game Advisers: Now Powered by Sports Hub

We have some exciting news to share with Game Advisers (GA) users.

Game Advisers was recently taken over by Sports Hub ( Game Advisers will now utilize the software system developed by the Sports Hub team to provide winning sports picks with betting info and data.

Sports Hub is revolutionizing the sports betting industry

Sports Hub is a revolutionary handicapping platform that we want to introduce to you all.

What Will Happen to Game Advisers?

Game Advisers will continue to operate. The previous operators invested in sports betting content aimed at new sports handicappers and we have plans to continue improving our GA Betting Academy.

The new team are expert sports handicappers with years of sports betting data. We want to start offering data-driven sports betting guides that will build on the topics already discussed in the Betting Academy.

Our goal is to teach sports bettors how to utilize systems and strategies to be successful long-term. But our main priority will always be to provide the best sports picks in the sports betting industry.

Essentially, Game Advisers will remain unchanged and will only improve over time.

How to Access Sports Hub & Their Expert Picks

We’ve already connected the Sports Hub backend to Game Advisers.

GA users can currently open a Sports Hub account for free (email verification required). When you click on the “Join Now” button at the top of the website, you’ll be directed to the Game Advisers-branded Sports Hub backend where you can fill in the simple registration form to open your account.

When logged into your account, GA users will gain access to all of the Sports Hub features.

Expert handicappers at Sports Hub

There are already over 50+ professional sports handicappers submitting picks at Sports Hub. Members will also be able to access AI-generated computer picks that are released most days.

Sports Hub have the sharpest sports handicappers in the industry. Some of the big names releasing plays on the sports handicapping platform include Ben Miller, Matt Fargo, Joe Berra, Kyle Parker and Tokyo Brandon.

Sports Hub also have a growing list of in-house handicappers that post picks exclusively on the platform.

Sports Hub Features

We want to briefly explain the most important Sports Hub features to GA users. We strongly believe we’ve developed the world’s best sports handicapping software and we’re going to take the industry by storm.

Here are the most popular Sports Hub features currently available:

  1. Expert Sports Picks

Members can easily access all of the Sports Hub picks through the “Games” or “Handicappers” tab. The “Games” tab will allow you to access picks from a specific event, while the “Handicappers” tab will allow you to view the plays released by each specific handicapper in our system.

There’s also a “My Favorites” tab where you can customize your own sports picks feed. You can add any sports, leagues, teams or cappers to your favorites. More importantly, any time a new pick is released from your favorites list, you can choose to be notified in real-time by email or text message.

Utilize the “My Favorites” feature to ensure you never miss any plays from your favorite cappers.

  1. Sports Picks Leaderboard

We believe in full transparency at Sports Hub. We track all of our sports handicappers and every pick is documented. The easiest way to keep track of how cappers are performing is the “Leaderboard” tab.

Members will be able to see the most profitable handicappers, with numerous filters available.

Sports Hub Leaderboard

Want to see who profited the most yesterday? Maybe you want to see the most profitable NFL handicappers for the last 30 days? Or want to see which cappers have won the most money betting on the moneyline, spread or totals? It’s all possible.

  1. Consensus Betting Data

We have unique relationships with online bookies and compile consensus betting data.

From the “Consensus” tab, you can see all the betting data for every upcoming event. Not only can you see how many bettors have placed a wager on a specific betting market, but we display the amount bet. We also separate public betting percentages and sharp betting percentages. By breaking down the data using advanced algorithms, Sports Hub members can follow the sharpest bettors in the world.

Premium sportsbook consensus data

This is the type of sports betting data that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

  1. Live Odds

While commonly found online, we track live odds for all major sports. Get the latest betting odds updated in real-time for the moneyline, point spread and game totals all in one place.

  1. Sports Betting Contests & Pools

Every person that signs up with Sports Hub will automatically be entered into our Last Man Standing contest. Some call them survivor pools. We will be offering a prize purse of $5000. Members will be able to join all available pools and compete against other sports handicappers for prizes on our platform. Only members will be able to participate in the pools, so make sure you open an account today. We will be offering tons of contests, so get on board today!

Claim Your Sports Hub Account

With the football season fast approaching, there’s no better time to join Sports Hub if you aren’t already a member. Sports Hub is free for a limited time and we have lots of handicappers making big bucks.

The top 10 cappers at Sports Hub for the last 30 days have gone 295-193 (+$11,781 profit).

Check out the new platform and let us know what you think by email ([email protected]) or on our socials.