Arbitrage Betting – Avoid Getting Limited!

Arbitrage betting as a betting discipline is an almost bulletproof betting strategy. That allows bettors to slowly, but steadily make a profit from sports betting, and many sportsbooks don’t like that.

Every sportsbook on the globe is focused on maintaining profitability at any cost, and they are always looking for an alternative way to make the life of bettors harder and more complicated.

Many operators restrict, limit, and even suspend accounts of arbitrage bettors, some several cunning tips and tricks could keep your arbing account safe from limitations.

arbitrage limitations

In this article, we will try to educate you on how to act and how to “fly under the radar”. While you make a guaranteed profit from arbitrage betting.  

Short Explanation About Arbitrage Betting

If you are a newcomer into a world of sports betting, and you don’t know what arbitrage betting is. Then we suggest you take a step back and read our previous articles about various betting strategies.

In short, Arbitrage betting is an advanced betting strategy, where bettor takes advantage of odds discrepancies provided by different sportsbooks in order to make a sure bet.

In general, many sportsbooks make a profit from recreational bettors. And they are not prepared for advanced bettors, and sharks, who can make a constant profit from arbitrage betting.

But one thing must be said. Arbitrage betting isn’t convenient for recreational bettors, or bettors with the low betting bank. If you want to make arbitrage bets with $20 betting bank, you will be able to do that. But your profit will be minimal, and soon enough, you will lose interest in arbing.  

Why Sportsbooks Limit and Suspend Arbers?

Believe it or not, the sportsbooks consider arbitrage betting to be unfair!?! For them, anybody who uses their lines to make a guaranteed profit is a cheater. This statement is wrong in so many ways, as the sportsbooks use every trick in the book to limit bettor chances for profit, but in the end, they have the power to make their own rules.

If you take some time and read general Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) of most sportsbooks, you will see that they actually prohibit arbitrage betting. The good thing is that some sportsbooks actually accept arbitrage bettors, and don’t have any problem with arbitrage betting practices.

On top of that, many popular sportsbooks cooperate between themselves to find and identify arbitrage bettors.

How to Avoid Limitations from Sportsbooks?

By now, it is pretty clear that sportsbooks take appropriate action against any bettor that practices arbitrage betting. How they manage to spot those accounts and to determine if particular bettors are arbitrage bettors is unclear, as sportsbooks rarely expose their business practices.

Arbitrage definition

If your account gets spotted by the particular sportsbook, you will most probably get a message from the sportsbooks in which they will inform you that your account is limited (or suspended) because it is detected unusual activity on it.

After that message, you will be notified that you can withdraw your funds from the account. And your betting limits will be reduced to a minimum.

To avoid being limited or suspended, we suggest you read the next paragraph. And try to implement some of these tips and tricks to your arbitrage betting routine.  

Round-Up Your Wager Stakes

We all know that arbitrage betting requires a specific calculation that will show the bettor how much he needs to wager in order to make a safe bet. Those amounts are in 99% of the cases specific ($102.76, $343.21, etc.), and easy to catch by the sportsbooks. Let’s be honest, nobody places a $102.76 wager regularly, as it is in human nature to round the amounts.

So, the number one trick is to round up the amounts and to place rounded wagers. Doing so, you will be less visible to the sportsbooks.

Place a Longshot Bet from Time to Time

The sportsbooks love recreational players that place a lot of longshot bets and lose regularly. In order to fly under the radar, you should be one of those players that love to play “Hail Marry” parlays.

We don’t suggest that you should place large amounts on these parlays, but from time to time, give something back to the sportsbook. In the end, nobody knows, maybe one day you manage to hit the big jackpot with “Hail Marry” parlay.

Make Rare Withdrawals

This one is hard, but maybe the most effective tips that you can get. Sportsbooks hate when they lose money, and if the player often makes withdrawals, they will look closer at that account, and review the betting history.

If you try to withdraw your money, often you will be on the radar, and the chance that the sportsbook sees that you are an arbitrage player increases rapidly.


If you follow these tips and tricks, there is a good chance that you will fly unnoticed for some time. Arbitrage betting is a great way to make risk-free money from sports betting, but it is important to be smart and to avoid the common mistakes that will lead to account limitation or suspension.


Is arbitrage betting a legal betting strategy?

YES! There is no jurisdiction in the world (including the United States of America) where the arbitrage betting is considered an illegal form of betting or a scam – maybe it seems too good to be true, but it is legit. Still, sportsbooks are not big fans of arbitrage betting, and your account can be limited, suspended or frozen for life.  

Is arbitrage betting a completely risk-free betting strategy?

There is no correct answer to this question. Yes, arbitrage betting is a risk-free betting strategy, and no, arbitrage betting isn’t completely risk-free. There is always the risk of human error, and sometimes when you make one mistake, it can cost you weeks of work.

What is the best software for arbitrage betting?

There are several reputable arbing software tools, but it is hard to tell which one is the best. You can look on the internet and find the reviews of those tools, and then make an informed decision. Overall, we think that these tools can be helpful for bettors that want to practice arbitrage betting discipline.