Advanced Sports Betting – How Many Sports

Advanced sports betting reveals how many sports you should bet.

Key Points

– Advanced sports betting requires time, patience, and knowledge.

– Bettors can determine for themselves how many sports to wager on.

Advanced Sports Betting – How Many Sports

If you’ve placed a lot of bets online, you’ve definitely noticed that most sports betting companies have a wide range of sports for you to wager on. The most popular sports, like football and basketball, are generally available at any sportsbook. Other sports like soccer, baseball, hockey, and more are all typically available at most sportsbooks these days. 

Depending upon your choice of sportsbook, you may or may not find other niche sports like golf, tennis, UFC, and NASCAR. There are many other sports as well, including various sports leagues from all over the world.

Betting sites frequently highlight their thorough coverage of various sports and leagues as a key selling factor. They argue that giving their consumers a wide variety of sports to choose from is beneficial for their business. 

This is a very valid statement, and most sports bettors undoubtedly concur. For sportsbooks, offering action on virtually every single sporting event in the world is a huge advantage. Not all sportsbooks offer such a betting menu. 

That is the subject of our article today. With so many choices on a betting menu, when does a bettor know where to stop? Should a bettor wager on multiple sports or should the bettor specialize in a relatively few number of sports?

These are great questions in regards to advanced sports betting.


Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Sportsbooks offering multiple bets on multiple sports definitely leads to higher revenues and profits. It’s almost a “build it and he will come” scenario. If a sportsbook offers a certain bet, there are bettors that will undoubtedly place wagers.

The big question for the individual bettor involves where to begin and where to end. A bettor cannot in any way place every bet on every given day on the sports schedule. First off, no one could afford to do so. 

Second, there is simply no way a bettor could make sound decisions on every single wager in a given day. Profitable sports betting takes time. Advanced sports betting takes patience, quality research, and sound decision making. That means the question of how many sports to bet on is up to each individual bettor.

Many betting experts will try to convince you that you should limit your betting to one sport. This is debatable. While there are some unbreakable laws you should follow when betting on sports, choosing one sport to focus on is not one of them. It does have certain benefits, but not everyone should absolutely choose this route. There is nothing wrong with betting on more than one sport, as long as the individual can handle it

Choosing how many sports to wager on ultimately comes down to your preference. Do what you believe is best for you. If it’s only sport, so be it. If you can handle two or three, go for it. However, there are a few things you ought to think about when you start thinking about advanced sports betting.

Your Motives for Advanced Sports Betting

Your initial motivations for placing a bet are important. You should take these motivations into account when determining how many games you should wager on. If your primary motivation for betting is fun, then doing what you find most enjoyable is crucial. Anything goes, really. 

If you like to wager on a variety of sports because it’s fun, you should probably do that. Stick to those sports that you like and give you the most enjoyment. You should probably keep in mind that winning is definitely more fun when you win. 

If your only motivation for betting is to make money, you should consider your personal profit potential. The likelihood that you will avoid a big sports betting loss if you focus solely on one sport is extremely high, but it’s not a given. You can lose more often than you win whether you bet on one sport or several.

There are many bettors who are successful at placing wagers across a variety of sports, and there is no reason why you can’t be one of them. 

The bottom line is this. If you want to partake of advanced sports betting to earn a profit, you should focus on the sport or sports where you have the best chance of winning. If that means only one sport, then that’s what you do.

Advanced Sports Betting – How Many Sports

Knowledge Can Limit Your Choices

If you watch several different sports in great detail, you may be in an excellent position to profit from betting on each of them. On the other hand, it doesn’t make much sense to wager on anything other than a specific sport if you are only educated in that one.

You have to take your level of sports knowledge into account when choosing how many sports to wager on. It makes no sense to wager on the Masters Tournament if you have no idea how a golf tournament works. If you understand advanced NHL statistics and analytics, it makes sense to bet on hockey games. You shouldn’t be betting NFL game totals if you don’t understand some basics about scoring and key numbers.

Betting on sports that you don’t fully understand will not be beneficial to you. If you stick to making wagers on sports that you are really familiar with, your chances of winning are much higher. Again, the more information you have – even if you’re not an expert – the better off you will be in placing a bet.

Time Is a Factor

Your odds of winning increase as you take more time to choose which bets to place. Few, if any, successful gamblers rely just on their gut feelings to generate money. Instead, they spend a significant amount of time and energy conducting research to find the best betting possibilities. They understand why betting lines move. They understand the betting public and more.

While you don’t have to spend all day considering each decision you make, you also shouldn’t rush anything. Most bettors do not place bets on sports for a living. There is much more going on their lives than advanced sports betting. 

If you don’t have time to devote to making good betting decisions, the easy choice is simply to not place a bet. Remember, the best outcomes are likely to be had by concentrating all of your time on just one or two things.


There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to how many sports to wager on. Do what works best for you. Whatever you do, keeping track of all your bets will be helpful. You can examine your strengths and weaknesses and adjust your strategy if needed.