What is Service Play

Q. What is a Service Play?
A.​ A service play is where you find information about what pro sport handicappers are bettin​g on a specific game, across all sports.

Q. How does Game Advisers work?
A.​ You register​, login​, then choose a game​ of your choice and see what the pro handicappers are betting​ and why, giving you added confidence before you place a bet or fill out your daily fantasy team.

Q. Who can benefit from it?
A.​ Every sports bettor, from a recreational bettor​ to a professional bettor​, as well as a daily fantasy player​ can benefit from our service. The information found within our service will benefit bettors and fantasy players before spending your hard earned money.

Q. Why should I try it?
A. You get a 60-day free trial!​ Why not try it, see if you like and need our service? You don’t have to buy the cow and still get the milk for free. Also, Game Advisers is always improving to better serve you with THE BEST Service Play service available online, providing information from more than 200 pro handicappers at no cost to you. Have you not always wanted to find a good website where you can access expert sports picks?