About Us

Friends with a common passion

We are group friends with a common passion. We use to work for a long time in the online gambling industry, each one of us in different areas of our experience (servers and database administration, programming, software development, design, content edition, lines moving, accounting, etc, etc). Some years ago we decided that was time to do our own project related to the industry that we more know and that flows in our blood.

Our Mission

To start we have decided to do a sports content and statistics website (our mother site, www.scoresandstats.com). And then we decided that was time to give to our customers a state-of-the-art handicapping website with a lot of premium picks and free picks that our experienced handicappers give to us.

We expect our customers to enjoy their gambling experience by having last minute information and a lot of picks from a serveral diferent sources and handicappers packages.

We wish you enjoy our product and service and feel free to contact-us if you got any type of inquiry or any doubt or question.

Our Vission

We were born as the little brother to our big brother company, ScoresAndStats.com, where we provide up-to-the-minute news, odds, gaming previews, predictions, post-game recaps, matchups and boxscores.

Our content also includes interesting and engaging sportsbetting related articles from around the industry, including its tendencies and much more.

As we worked on our site, we noticed there were many premium pick sites with a lot of handicappers providing information and analysis of games, and of course, which side to bet. Unfortunately, to see all these picks, for every sport, you would have to browse hundreds of web sites. By the time your research was finished, your game may have started or the line has changed.

Our goal at Game Advisers (https://ga.scoresandstats.com) is to put order to all that information, from the premium picks and service plays, to create a consensus to help you put more value on your wagers.

Our system works by searching, discovering and compiling information for games from a plethora of well-known and respected handicappers.

Our goal and mission is to help you make the best, most informed decision when betting on any sporting event. Our superior analysis will encourage our users to make the best decision before wagering your hard earned money.

The GameAdvisers.com Team